For my dear english speakers friends – Vegetarian Lasagne

18 Jun

I admit that I have been really lazy and making no efforts to write in english on my blog. Shame on me! But because writing in portuguese comes natural, effortless, beautifully easy, I don’t think twice when I have to post a recipe…just do it in portuguese!! But I don’t want only portuguese speakers reading my blog… the blog is for everybody that likes food and language shouldn’t be a barrier! I wish I could write in  swedish, german, french,italian, spanish and all the other beautiful languages that my friends speaks but I still can’t so let’s have only portuguese and english so far…

I’m blessed with a beautiful family and have a enlightened aunt…she is a doctor (Anthroposofic, have you heard about Rudolf Steiner?) and a “guru” for healthy food, healthy life. She inspires everyone around her, she sings a lot, laughs a lot, talks a lot of sh..@!%* and lives happily in a beautiful home surrounded by rainforest. There is always some visitors at her place: little monkeys, spiders, snakes…she doesn’t mind. So my dear aunt was vegetarian for years and she does know how to cook tasty and super quick vegetarian food. Nowadays she eats some meat, but once in a while. This vegetarian lasagne it’s a beautiful recipe from her and I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂



Roses...for you auntie Ana 🙂


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